Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

Hydroponic Production of Edible Crops Series (VCE)

Farming Foundations in Hydroponics Videos (VCE)

Controlled Environment Agriculture (Cornell University)

State of CEA 2023 (IUNU)

Greenhouse GAPs This video is an excellent introduction to understanding the risks and best practices that can be put into place in a greenhouse set-up. Filmed at GAP-certified Four Oaks Farm Greenhouse in Franklin, VA, and at Farm to Table Market at Greenbriar Nursery, Roanoke, VA, this video showcases Jerry and Joyce Conner’s efforts to incorporate a risk-based approach to food safety.

Produce Safety in Hydroponic and Aquaponic Operations (UVM Extension)

On-Farm Food Safety: Aquaponics (University of Hawaii at Manoa)

A Preliminary Study of Microbial Water Quality Related to Food Safety in Recirculating Aquaponic Fish and Vegetable Production Systems (University of Hawaii at Manoa)

Aquaponic Operation Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) USDA requirements for an aquaponics audit.

Aquaponics Food Safety Assessment Checklist (UMN)

A Guide to the Aquaponics Food Safety Plan Development: Green Aquaponics LLC as a Model (VCE)


GAP for Berries (NCCES)

Blueberries (Good Agricultural Practices for Food Safety in Blueberry Production: Basic Principles)

Cantaloupes and Netted Melons (Commodity-Specific Food Safety Guidelines for Cantaloupes and Netted Melons)

Culinary Herbs (Commodity Specific Food Safety Guidelines for the Production, Harvest, Post-Harvest, and Processing Unit Operations of Fresh Culinary Herbs)

Lettuce and Leafy Greens (California LGMA Commodity Specific Food Safety Guidelines for the Lettuce and Leafy Greens)

GAP for Melons

Mushroom GAP


Peanuts (Good Agricultural Practices for Safe Growing and Harvesting of Peanuts)

Potatoes (Commodity Specific Food Safety Guidelines for the Production, Harvest, Storage, and Packing of Potatoes)

Sprouts (Safer Sprout Production for Produce Safety Rule Compliance)

Sprout Safety Alliance

Tomato GAP (Commodity Specific Food Safety Guidelines for the Fresh Tomato Supply Chain, 3rd ed)

Tree Fruit (WSU post-harvest food safety and handling)