Accessing Markets by Improving Virginia’s Fresh Produce Food Safety Culture

PI: Vallotton, Co-PIs: Archibald, Boyer, DuBois, & Vargo Goal: In this project, the Fresh Produce Food Safety Team, in partnership with Virginia’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) and Local Food Hub (LFH), conducted a market assessment for food procurement requirements and expectations related to food safety assurances [...]

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Enhancing the Safety and Quality of Cucumbers

PI: Strawn, Co-PI: Rideout Goal: The goal of the project is to determine the growth and survival of Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes on Whole and Sliced Cucumbers held at ambient and refrigeration temperatures. Benefits: To provide science-based recommendations for reducing foodborne pathogen contamination of cucumbers during postharvest handling, transportation, [...]

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A multistate effort to integrate and expand farmers’ market food safety materials across the southern region to increase food safety culture

PI: Boyer, Co-PI: Chase, Eifert, Chapman – NCSU, Harrison – UGA, Gibson, Shoulders – U of Ark., Sirsat – U of Houston Goal: The goal of the project is to equip farmers’ market vendors, managers, and consumers with both scientifically-based and practical behaviors.  A Farmers’ Market Tool-kit will be [...]

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